Who we are 

Beforepay aims to be an ethical, customer‐friendly way to manage temporary cash flow challenges.

We offer consumers a better way to manage their personal finances, by providing the flexibility to access a portion of their pay early, set budgets, and track spending habits.


Our story 

Beforepay Group Limited (Beforepay) was founded to support working Australians who have not been well‐served by the traditional financial services industry. 

Setting out to disrupt established but outdated practices, Beforepay aims to be an ethical, customer‐friendly way to manage temporary cash flow challenges. 

We advance people relatively small sums of money (c. $300 on average) over relatively short periods of time (c. 3 weeks on average), to enable people to get through a short‐term challenge. 

We’ve created a simple, transparent, and affordable fee model designed to give our customers total control – charging only a single transaction fee, zero interest, and no late fees.

We are passionate about helping our customers, people that have traditionally been poorly served by the financial services industry. Our strong growth, our favourable unit economics, and our customer base, have placed us in a strong position to help our customers and build a great business while doing so. 


Our values

Customers ride first class 

Customers are at the centre of everything we do, helping to shape our future.

Be the best

We're passionate about excelling; being leaders in our space and celebrating the wins this delivers.

Human first 

We are human first and we operate and communicate with respect.

Give it a go 

We encourage everyone to speak up and think of new solutions to old problems. Mistakes can happen and are opportunities to learn.


Our business

We know that customers demand immediacy, which is why speed and convenience is core to our product. Our proprietary machine‐learning credit decisioning models work in seconds, whilst funds are deposited through NPP payment rails into customers’ bank accounts nearly instantly. 

Use of sophisticated technology makes the onboarding process seamless; customers can download the app, sign up, be assigned an appropriate limit (which is based on a number of factors like income and spending), pass thorough KYC checks, and have the money in their account in just a few minutes. 

To ensure that Beforepay is genuinely an ethical, customer‐friendly alternative to traditional financial products, we have put in place a number of safeguards. These include eligibility requirements and risk‐scoring based on transactional behaviour. 

We take customer feedback seriously to ensure our safeguards are appropriate and our product is helpful. In addition, we have a free budgeting tool and spending insights in the app to assist our customers in managing their cash flow. 


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