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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does bill switching mean?

    Bill switching, or utility switching, refers to the act of changing your service provider. BeforePay makes it easy for you to compare and switch your current service providers for electricity & gas, mobile, and internet, all in one place.

    You may decide to switch providers for various reasons, such as dissatisfaction with your current service, moving house, or wanting to reduce your bills to save money.

    Reviewing your service providers and switching to a more cost-effective alternative will ensure you’re not paying more than you need to, and can help you save in the long-run.

  • Why are utility bills rising?

    The cost of utility bills are influenced by a number of domestic and international factors. Global pressures like political events and extreme weather affect the availability and supply of energy. The less supply available, the more it costs retailers to purchase and provide these services.

    The end result is a higher bill in your mailbox.

  • What are the benefits of switching bills now?

    Energy prices are set to continue rising*, along with inflation and the cost of living. Switching to more cost-effective service providers now will put you ahead of the game, helping you save on your bills to free up more dollars for your budget and other living expenses.

    Switching now also means you can take advantage of limited-time discounts and offers from a range of providers.

  • I don’t have a Beforepay account. Can I still use Beforepay’s Compare and Save service?

    Beforepay’s Compare and Save service is a separate product and is available for anyone to use. You don’t need to have a Beforepay account to use Beforepay’s Compare and Save service. You can start comparing right from the website!

  • Does Beforepay switch my bills for me?

    Beforepay has partnered with a leading comparison platform to power our Compare and Save service.

    Beforepay’s Compare and Save lets you compare some of the largest electricity, gas, internet and mobile providers in Australia, and switch to a plan that helps you save money.

    Once you submit your bill switch application, your selected provider will directly manage the transfer of your service based on the consent you provide when signing up. Your selected provider may contact you if they need more information.

  • What are the costs involved?

    There is no cost to use Beforepay’s Compare and Save service.

    You can compare plans and deals for free. The only payment required will be to your selected service provider/s for your repayments, as you normally would with your regular bills.

    By using Beforepay’s Compare and Save service you are not paying or signing up for utilities with Beforepay.

  • I have a question about my bill switch request. Who do I contact?

    To discuss your bill switch request, please email .

Beforepay’s Compare and Save platform, powered by CIMET, allows you to compare and directly switch to a range of electricity, gas, mobile and internet providers. Comparisons are made based on the brands and providers that can be readily switched on the platform and do not compare all utility providers or plans in the market. Not all plans or providers compared by Beforepay’s Compare and Save service will be available at all times, through all channels or in all areas. A utility provider’s prices are subject to change, and Beforepay does not guarantee that a utility provider’s prices will remain the same or result in any savings to you as a customer. If you decide to directly switch to another utility provider using Beforepay’s Compare and Save platform please review the provider’s T&Cs, Privacy Policy and plan fact sheet(s) before making a decision. To enable your bill switch both CIMET and Beforepay will collect your personal information in line with the CIMET Privacy Policy and Beforepay Privacy Policy. Beforepay may receive a referral fee if you directly switch to another plan through our Compare and Save platform. For more information about Beforepay's Compare & Save product, please contact our Customer Support team via email on

*Australian Energy Regulator, September 2022, State of the Energy Market 2022 - Full Report,


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