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Beforepay is designed to be a safe, affordable, and ethical way of bridging the gap, so you never need to go near a payday lender again.

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    Low fees

    Just a 5% fixed transaction fee - no interest, no late fees, no hidden costs.

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    Sign up and Cash Out up to $2,000 in as little as 10 minutes (subject to eligibility, T&Cs apply).

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    Our custom assessment criteria does not impact your credit score or history.


How does Beforepay compare to payday loans?

Beforepay was founded to disrupt payday lending and provide ethical and affordable loans to working Australians.

Here are how the two products compare.


Financial products work in different ways, with different features like fee structures and time periods for payments, so it’s hard to compare “apples to apples”.
The calculations assume usage/repayment over 12 months and are based on a $2,000 payday loan on a fortnightly repayment plan over a year, assuming you don't miss a repayment, compared to $2,000 borrowed over a year with Beforepay. Note that Beforepay advances are for a duration of 62 days only (there is no minimum repayment period).
The below table compares the estimated 12-month cost from fees and interest on a payday loan and a Beforepay loan.
Each payday lender will have its own fee structure, and your fees will depend on how much you borrow. The associated fees are capped at a 20% establishment fee and a 4% monthly fee on the outstanding balance.
The payday loan fees used in this example are based on the common fees charged by payday lenders.* The below calculations are based on maximum fees, however note that this is not representative of every product offering on the market.
Applicable fees and interest rates are estimates only, they are not representative of every product offering on the market.  


How it works

Accessing cash with Beforepay for a fixed fee of only 5%may be a more affordable alternative to payday loans to help you manage temporary cash flow challenges.

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