Why choose Beforepay?

Beforepay aims to provide an ethical and affordable way to help you
manage temporary cash flow challenges.

Whether you need extra cash for your groceries, to pay for an unexpected bill
 or to cover you in case of any emergency expenses, Beforepay makes it
quick and easy to Cash Out when you need to.

How it works

  • Beforepay - Transparent fees

    Transparent fees

    Just a 5% fixed transaction fee - no interest, no late fees, no hidden costs.

  • Beforepay - Speedy service

    Speedy service

    Sign up and Cash Out in as little as 10 minutes, because life doesn’t wait!

  • Beforepay - Cash on demand

    Cash on demand

    Funds are transferred straight to your bank account, making it easy to pay anywhere.


See how a Beforepay Pay Advance compares to credit cards

Based on some common features among different credit card products and Beforepay, here are how the two compare.

Read our article on why Australians are swapping out their credit cards and turning to Pay On Demand™ with Beforepay.


How it works

Financial products work in different ways, with different features like fee structures and time periods for payments, so it’s hard to compare “apples to apples”.

The below table compares the estimated 12-month cost from fees and interest of a credit card with a Beforepay loan to highlight the effect of revolving debt vs non-revolving debt.

The calculations assume usage over 12 months and are based on having $2,000 of revolving debt on a credit card (assuming no new purchases are made in this period and only minimum repayments are applied), compared to $2,000 borrowed over a year with Beforepay. Note that Beforepay advances are for a duration of 62 days only.

The credit card interest and fees used in this example are based on the average amount found among several credit card products.* Applicable fees and interest rates are estimates only, they are not representative of every product offering on the market. 


How it works

Depending on how you use your credit card, accessing cash with Beforepay for just a fixed 5% fee may be a more affordable short-term cash solution to help you manage your temporary cash flow challenges. 
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