We created Beforepay to help give you greater control over your finances, so if you need to pay a bill or have an unplanned expense, you can access your pay - when you need it. We know life can sometimes throw you lemons, so we’ve built our app with supportive features like giving you the ability to delay a repayment and having 24/7 customer support. We have also developed our below Pay On Demand™ criteria to ensure we’re looking after the financial wellbeing of our entire community.

1. Easy 5% fee

We only charge a 5% fixed fee, with no interest, no late fees and no hidden charges. What you see is what you get!

2. Criteria

Individuals must earn more than $300 per week after tax, must be over 18 years old and an Australian resident.

3. Responsible Spending

We offer a minimum cash limit of $50 and a maximum of $2000. Individuals are assessed based on their spending behaviour and pay cycle, then given a bespoke spending limit based on this assessment. A limit can gradually increase over time based on repayment history. Members must repay each individual amount in full, prior to using Pay On Demand™ and Cashing Out again, ensuring our community is in full control of their repayment obligations.

4. Flexibility

All repayments are aligned to our members' pay cycles to help with budgeting for future expenses. Members have the option of flexible repayments, where payments can be delayed free of charge, or customers can choose to pay early should they wish. Cashing Out with Beforepay doesn’t impact a member’s credit score.

Budgeting & Spending Tools

Our vision is to empower our members with greater peace of mind with their finances. We offer budgeting and spending tools to help our users stay in control, free of charge.

Last updated October 2021


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