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On your terms

Your pay at your command

Beforepay understands that traditional pay cycles are a form of financial stress.

So we set out to find a better way, giving Australians the control and confidence that comes with managing your own money, on your own terms.

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That’s why we created Pay On Demand™ - a service that allows you to access the money you have earned at work, when you choose to do so. After all, it is yours!

Flexibility and control

Get your pay when you say

In allowing you to break free from the shackles of traditional and outdated pay cycle models, we give you the flexibility to use your money when you need it - helping you find your own financial rhythm.

Because we know that your car will need repairs when you least expect it, that can’t-miss-out sale will end just when you don’t want it to, and moving house means paying the bond and van hire all in one go - yet you always get paid on the same fixed day.

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Simple to use

No interest, just a fixed transaction fee

We also know that the world of finance is confusing. Interest rates, annual fees, late fees, balance transfers, approval forms - all of which make your money difficult to access and means it’s near impossible to work out what you’ll be charged for doing so.

We don’t like this. So our fee model is completely transparent and totally straightforward - it’s just a 5% fixed transaction fee. That means to access $100 of your wages, the transaction fee will be $5. You’ll never be charged any more. Phew.

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In sync

Repayments scheduled around you

And we don’t stop there. To make sure we are truly in sync with you, we match our repayment schedules with your income.

Repayments are automatically scheduled in the app to be made on your next pay day, with the option to spread them out across up to 4 installments over your next 4 pay cycles. Now that’s flexible.

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