Our name

"Beforepay" is one word, spelled with a big B and a little p. Our tagline is “Get your Pay On Demand™” or “Cash Out with Beforepay”

Our logo

Our main logo is the horizontal logo below and can be interchanged for a purple (main) or white for backgrounds. Use of our B icon can only be used in areas where the horizontal logo cannot fit.

Our Colours

Our color palette consists of lead colours (Orange and Deep Purple) and other supporting colours.

  • #FF6553
  • #2C063F
  • #FFFB7D
  • #F498F1
  • #E1CFFF
  • #A0F5FF

Product images

Use our product images below when communicating about Pay On Demand™, budgeting or our spend tracking tool. Images should not be stretched or pixelated.

Beforepay app screens
Beforepay app screens

Leadership & Founders

Pictures below feature Beforepay CEO Jamie Twiss, Jamie with Tarek Ayoub - Beforepay Co-Founder, Tarek Ayoub, and Tarek with Dean Mao - Beforepay Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer. Images should not be stretched or pixelated, and captions must always include the name and titles listed above.


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