It's great being the good guy.

We’ve won ethical lender of the year 4 times in 2 years because we put our customers first.

Beforepay helps everyday working Australians take back control of their finances, and navigate life’s financial ups and downs.

  • Interest-free

    We keep lending simple by charging only a fixed 5% transaction fee that’s split across your repayments—no interest, no hidden costs, no funny business.

  • No late fees

    With no other fees, we don’t make money from getting our customers trapped in debt (unlike some other lenders or other forms of credit).

  • Spending insights
    and budgeting

    Get on top of your finances with the spending insights and budgeting tool in the Beforepay app.

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Borrow money

  • connect_your_bank

    Verify your income

    Zero paperwork—just connect your bank accounts. We use the same security and encryption as your bank to calculate your loan limit (without impacting your credit score).

  • select_amount

    Verify your identity

    Fill in your ID details. We’ll do a quick verification check, and then unlock your ability to borrow.

  • easy_payback

    Get cash out

    Push the button, and money is sent to your account immediately. Our eligibility criteria and limit assessment ensures your loan limit is safe and affordable.

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Get spending insights

Use the insights dashboard in the Beforepay app to track your income, monitor your spending habits and view upcoming bills.

See common use cases for Beforepay.

Create a budget

Our app shows you where your money goes, and where you can make improvements with a budget that’s tailored to you.

In the Beforepay app, we can automatically create a budget tailor made for you. Or if you prefer, make one yourself, and track your expenses as you go.


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